Gone Fishing

I'll be back next week.


Spring Break

Just as it is spring break for many families around the country, I am also taking a break from my regular series of posts this week. We are fortunate enough to be enjoying great spring-like weather, so I have been able to get outdoors more. How are you enjoying spring break this week?


Guest posting for Chores?

Putting out an SOS for Opinionated Man:


Gone Fishing

I will be back next week!


305 lbs. My Fitness Journey Begins

I was feeling great after my 60 day juice steadfast.  Not just from the weight loss, but also from the benefit of flooding my body with fresh fruits and vegetables.  The number one thing I noticed when I started eating again was how salty everything tasted!  Processed and sugary food did not taste so good… Continue reading 305 lbs. My Fitness Journey Begins


Teen boy stomps, kicks 2-year-old to death, police say

This is what happens when we decide that life has no value. This is what happens when we have become so selfish that we raise our children as single, unwed parents instead of giving them up for adoption to a loving, two-parent home. May Jesus welcome these babies into heaven with loving, open arms.


Assassinating The American Spirit Of Independence

You an control your children’s education: homeschool.



The American spirit has not yet been destroyed, but it cannot withstand the kind of relentless assault on its character that we are witnessing day after day. I cannot predict the form or timing of the catastrophe that will befall this country if our current direction is not changed and I don’t pretend to know what concatenation of crises, in what progression of steps and across what interval of years, will finally break the nation’s spirit.

What I do know is this much: My generation, the so called “millennials” and younger, have been indoctrinated into believing that the root cause of today’s present problems, whatever they may be, is due to America’s own history.

This indoctrination begins at a very young age as K-12 schools throughout our country have incorporated academic curriculum that teaches our children to hate their own country. To get a sense of the material being taught…

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DIY Lamination at Home!

I ran across this today. Lamination is something I’ve used a lot as a homeschool mom. Here are some easy tips on how to laminate at home very inexpensively without any special equipment such as a laminating machine.

Do It On A Dime

I LOVE lamination.  As a teacher I consider myself to be more or less an “expert” at it.  I have laminated so much in my day and had to be creative about it.  I’ve been teaching for 8 years, so that’s a lotta paper!

My favorite Laminating ideas are in the video below, and here is more information about the products I show.  There is no paid product placement in this video 🙂  I’m not trying to promote and one brand… just show you what’s available!  I am an Amazon affiliate.

Dollar Tree Tape!

Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets (it’s cheaper to get them online than in-store!)

Thermal Laminating Pouches. These are the ones I featured.

My laminator

Walmart Laminator (haven’t tried but good reviews!)

Another option to get the pouches is laminator.com (I’m not affiliated but the prices are good!)


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