Why Does Common Core Require Teaching Islam? ⋆ The Constitution

If this won’t convince you to homeschool, I don’t know what will.

However, Common Core really originated from the Connect All Schools program, which is part of the “One World Education” initiative orchestrated by Qatar Foundation International (QFI). The director of QFI’s Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics is Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Hassan al-Banna who was the founder of The Muslim Brotherhood.

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Book Ends, the Movie

Here’s a short movie (about 15 minutes) made by young man from our church. It has a great ending and is well worth your time.

Another Reason to #Homeschool: The Love of Learning

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In general, home educators try to give their children a well-rounded education.  This can be done by teaching various subjects, going on various field trips, etc.  At the top of our list, is reading.  If a person can read, they can learn anything.  Underneath it all, I want my kids to love learning and have the desire to continue to learn throughout their lifetime. Without the love of learning, there will be no desire to do so. Without the desire to learn, one will never become a mature christian.

Unfortunately, our government schools don’t always foster this love for learning. Some of the local schools here have begun requiring homework for kindergartners. I can’t help but wonder what they do in class all day if they are now sending homework home. Those that appear to be bright are encouraged to go through testing to determine whether or not they qualify for the “gifted” program. The kids and parents are put under a lot of pressure by the school officials and told that this is a big deal. If the child misses qualifying by a few points, they are pressured to take the test again.

This is done all at the age of 5 or 6, and for many it is their first experience in a school environment. Why would any of these kids want to go back to school? Why would any of them have a positive impression of learning?

Thankfully with home education this can all be avoided. Children can be encouraged to learn at their own pace. Each student can have their own specialized program tailored just for them and not worry about being in special ed, the gifted program, or anything else. They are accepted as the beautiful individual God created them to be, while being stretched and pushed a little by their teacher who knows them better than anyone else in the world. They can actually enjoy learning and develop a desire to learn throughout their lifetime. With that, the possibilities are endless.

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Remembering a Dear Friend with Handicrafts

I like making these trivets as wedding gifts.  They are quick, easy, beautiful, and will last longer than many marriages.  Many couples register online anymore, which makes it a snap to go online and see what dishes they select.  Using that information, I can choose the two complimentary colors for the trivets.  So far, they have always been received well.

Under the guise of “there is nothing new under the sun,” I have a dear friend that showed me how to make these years ago.  Whenever I make these, I can’t help but fondly think of her.  We had a rift at one time but were able to patch things up.  I was blessed to be able to serve her and her family in her last days as she was battling cancer.  It does my soul good to know that all was well between the two of us when she passed.  That experience has made me more conscious and more deliberate of mending fences or at least doing everything I can to mend fences as misunderstandings occur.


These days, handicrafts are more of a hobby than anything else.  Still, they are great skills to teach in your homeschool.  They can lead to inexpensive gifts, a customized cover or case for that gadget, or even a home business.  Who knows, it may one day become a family heirloom.

8 Year Old Removed from School Because She Looks Like a Boy

The grandparents and adoptive parents of an 8-year-old little girl have been told that she can no longer attend the Christian school she goes to unless she meets some conditions.

Did she bring a gun to school or make reference to a gun?  No.  Did she do anything violent or bully other children?  No.  Did she bring drugs or a knife to school?  No.

Sunnie’s parents were told that she looks like a boy and that some students have been confused over whether she is a boy or a girl.  (A simple solution to this problem would be for the confused students to be told that Sunnie is a girl.)  Sunnie’s parents were told that unless her boyish appearance changed, that she could no longer attend this school–all in the name of God, of course.

Doris and Carroll Thompson are Sunnie’s grandparents.

They adopted and raised the little girl and took her out of Timberlake Christian School when they received the letter from the K-8 principal.

“You’re probably aware that Timberlake Christian School is a religious, Bible-believing institution providing education in a distinctly Christian environment,” the letter stated.

It goes on to say that students have been confused about whether Sunnie is a boy or a girl. It specifies that administrators can refuse enrollment for condoning sexual immorality, practicing a homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity. It even referenced specific Bible verses that affirm these beliefs.

“We believe that unless Sunnie as well as her family clearly understand that God has made her female, and her dress and behavior need to follow suit with her God-ordained identity, that TCS is not the best place for her future education,” the letter goes on.

The Thompsons said they have no desire to re-enroll Sunnie in the school.

via Grandparents take girl from school after objections to clothes – KCTV5.

Clearly, the idea of rigid, zero tolerance has entered the Christian schools. I can’t imagine how this must make this little girl feel and how this might permanently effect her feelings for God and Christianity.

I was a tomboy myself. I don’t remember ever being told that I looked like a boy, but at some times I had long hair and at others time short hair depending on what was the popular style. Anyone remember the Dorothy Hamill?

My number one playmate until 5th grade was the boy next door. I had Tonto, the Lone Ranger, Silver, and Scout. He had GI Joe and a Hot Wheels racetrack. If it was warm enough, we were outside. And my belief as a young child was that if he didn’t have to wear a shirt neither did I.

None of us were scarred. None of us turned out weird. None of us ended up with gender identity confusion. At the young age of eight and below, gender and anything to do with sex was the last thing on our mind. It wasn’t important. It didn’t matter. We just wanted to be kids, and the adults in our lives were happy to let us do just that.

If You’re Going to go Speeding Down the Highway

take that Christian bumper sticker off the back of your car first. That was my thought today when a van with a sticker on the back glass of a popular Christian school in our area went flying by me.

This driver is making themselves look like a hypocrite.

This person is making the school look bad.

And this person is giving Christianity a bad name. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, and we all make ourselves and the things we represent look bad from time to time. But racing down the highway at the speed of light with a Jesus bumper sticker on the back of your car screams, “Look at me. I’m a hypocrite and all Christians are like me.”

Whether we like it or not we are all ambassadors. We are ambassadors for what we believe in or for what we say we believe in. First of all, we are ambassadors for ourselves. Then, it extends to our family. If you are a homeschooler, you are an ambassador for all homeschools. If you claim to be a Christian, you are an ambassador for Christianity and for Christ.

You may not realize it, but people are always watching. Not only do your actions reflect on you, they also reflect on everything you represent. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you are an official representative. Would you want you as an ambassador?

Jump Shot Kenny

Kenneth Sailors is credited for inventing and developing the jump shot.  After being unanimously selected  as the College Basketball Player of the Year in 1943, Kenny went on to play professional basketball.

Basketball was just about my whole life when I was growing up.  As I’ve gotten older, the Lord has shown me that there are far more things more important than sports or basketball.

Kenny has not made it to the Hall of Fame yet, but he says that he belongs to the greatest Hall of Fame any man or woman could ever belong to which makes the Halls of Fame that men create pale in comparison.

Watch this video to see this man’s beautiful testimony.

By Lori Camper

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My God is Bigger Than Pat Robertson’s God

English: The name "Jehovah" in the O...
The name “Jehovah” in the Old Catholic church, St. Martinskirche, at Olten, Switzerland (1521).

In a recent airing of the 700 Club, Pat Robertson ridicules Ken Ham’s claim that the earth is about 6,000 years old.

Let’s face it, there was a bishop who added up the dates listed in Genesis and he came up with the world had been around for 6,000 years.   There ain’t no way that’s possible.  To say that it all came about in 6,000 years is just nonsense and I think it’s time we come off of that stuff and say this isn’t possible.

Pat Robertson then made references to drilling for oil and dinosaur skeletons and said,

“Let’s be real.  Let’s not make a joke of ourselves.”

Clearly, my god is bigger than Pat Robertson’s god.  My god can do anything in the blink of an eye.  My god created the heaven and the earth simply by speaking.  My God is Jehovah God, the great I AM, my Abba father.  He has no limits.  “This isn’t possible,” doesn’t and never will describe my God.

By Lori Camper

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Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate Synopsis

Bill Nye the Science Guy at The UP Experience ...
photo by Ed Schipul

The debate started with a five-minute opening statement from each participant.  Right off, Ken Ham talked about how our language has been hijacked and that he wanted us to get our terms right.  He talked about “historical science” which is science that has happened in the past and is something that we have no way observing versus “observational science” which happens in the present day, we can observe, and we all agree on.

Bill Nye again and again presented as evidence of an old Earth the dating methods of rock, sediment, and trees.  However, he gave no evidence to show that those dating methods are accurate.

Overall, the men were polite to one another, except that Bill Nye was a bit condescending.  He admitted to not knowing anything about the Bible and made fun of Ken Ham’s references to it.  He explained how he thought the account of Noah’s ark was absurd and that the ark could not have held up under those conditions or held the number of animals he thought would have been on the ark.  He also claimed that Noah was unskilled and unable to build such a structure.  What Bill Nye doesn’t know is that Noah only built part of the ark.  God finished the ark.  I’m sure he did a great job and made sure is was seaworthy.

The debate was most interesting towards the end when both men answered questions from the audience.  One question which went to Bill Nye first, asked where matter came from.  Bill Nye admitted that he did not know.  It was a classic moment when Ken Ham said, “Well, there’s this book . . .” and he went on to recite the creation story in Genesis.

The very next question, which went to Ken Ham first, asked for the men to explain consciousness.  Without missing a beat, Ken Ham said, “Well, there’s this book,” and he went on to explain that God breathed the breath of life into Adam.

A message from the founder

Bill Nye believes that if children are taught creation that they cannot be good scientists, that the United States will lag behind other countries, and that our technological advancements will go down the drain.  I was touched when Ken Ham voiced his concern,

I want children to be taught the right foundation: that there is a God who created them, loves them, who died on the cross for them.

Whether or not you believe in a Creator comes down to one thing:  your worldview.  Do you worship God, the Creator, the Great I AM; or do you worship man and the world he lives in?

In the end, I was encouraged that Ken Ham had found a way to tell everyone that watched the Good News.  However, I also felt sadness for Bill Nye.  He clearly is not a believer and never intends to be.

By Lori Camper

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Post-Debate Answers with Ken Ham FREE Live-Streaming

Ken and Dr. Purdom to give an informal reaction to the historic Tuesday debate LIVE at 8:00 pm ET. The debate addressed the question, “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era?”

By Lori Camper