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A Full Plate

Wednesdays are busy days around here. I get up, put my AirPods in, and start getting ready for the day. I listen to the BLE accountability call while getting ready to head out the door. As soon as I’m ready, I drive to our local farmer’s market.

There, I buy all the vegetables.

I drive across the street to the grocery store to get a few odds and ends that I can’t get at the farmer’s market–avocados, milk, and some fruit.

I get home right at 9:00. That’s breakfast time for me. I eat my bright breakfast that is already prepared. All I have to do is warm up my barley, and it’s ready to eat.

I usually have a few Marco Polos to listen to, work on my Bible study, and then maybe a chore or two before my Mastermind Group meets. I meet with three other women in other parts of the country that are on the same journey and suffer from the same affliction that I do.

By now it’s lunch time. Again, my meal is prepped ahead of time, and it’s ready within a few minutes. Jimmy (our dog) has learned to like his vegetables. I will often give him a little nibble of a carrot or a piece of broccoli, always saying its name out loud before I give it to him in hopes that he will learn the names. I’ll check to see if the BLE weekly vlog has been released yet and listen if it has.

Now it’s back to the kitchen where I’ll prep the vegetables I bought this morning. Today I used my spiralizer on the zucchini and yellow squash I bought and put it in a bowl for later. Then I used it on cucumbers and onions and cut up some tomatoes to make a salad. I added some vinegar and let it marinade until tomorrow.

This evening I’ll go on a run with my running group. Josh, the restaurant owner, will make my salad to my specifications as he does each week. I’ll ask him to fix me “my regular salad” with every vegetable he has in the kitchen, reminding him to leave off the onion. I’ll have a delicious, bright salad ready for me after my run.

I’ll stay and have dinner with my running friends. I’ll be told time and again how yummy my food looks. Running is our one common denominator. Just like in BLE, I’ve grown to love these people. Just like BLE, we’ve been through thick and thin together–literally. Just like BLE, we love and support each other and huddle around anyone that needs extra support–like when one of our members was diagnosed with cancer.

When I go to leave, Josh will ask me how my run was and what my plans are for the weekend. I will have to pause and think, “What are we doing this weekend?”

By the time I get home, I’ll be tired and ready for bed as I should be. After three bright meals and some exercise, I’ll sleep well. I will be replenished and ready for another day thanks to all the nutritious food I ate the day before. It matters. It really does.

Better is a dish of vegetables where love is Than a fattened ox served with hatred. Proverbs 15:17


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