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A Heavy Heart

This week I have a heavy heart. Why, you might ask? I know people are grieving.

We had a father in church Sunday talk about his son’s birthday being just around the corner. You would think that this would be an exciting, happy occasion, but this son passed away before entering this world. He would be five years old if he had lived.

The pain never goes away. It softens over time, but it’s always there. There’s always hope. Hope of seeing that child again. Hope of one day your family being together as one unit.

My last class reunion was four years ago. At that time, everyone in my class was still living as far as I know. Since then, several have passed. One classmate that recently passed had a sibling that passed about a year ago. Both children are gone. Their parents are still living, but all of their children are gone.

It seems so wrong, so unfair–something that a parent should never have to go through. Burying one child is bad enough, but all of your children?

Our family has experienced this before. We have had a time where it seemed like all we did was attend funerals. It seems like we have entered that pattern again of late. It makes a heart heavy. This too, will pass.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4

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