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2018: Faith, Food, and Freedom

As we often do this time of year, I have spent some time reflecting on last year in order to look ahead for 2018.  Last year, I created a list of things to work on, and went at it.  I made it a point to look at my list each month to see how I was doing.  I thought I was doing pretty well until the last quarter of the year.

When I cross off the things I was able to accomplish, one thing stands out:  I have the exercise part down.  When I look deeper, there’s one more thing that comes to the surface:  I can maintain my weight.  I ended this year at about the same weight as last year.  I spent this past year losing the same 10 pounds over and over.

So, what am I aggravated the most about?  Not getting to my goal weight.  What am I going to do about it?  I’m going to concentrate on getting my food under control.  This year’s overall theme is “freedom.”

I actually started working on this the middle of last year.  I spent the summer going through closets and drawers getting rid of things.  It has been so freeing to get rid of things.  I still have a room that has been used as a family room, office, and school room that needs a deep cleaning and decluttering.  I started using paper plates when we have people over for dinner, and I put everything I can in the dishwasher so I’m not spending time washing dishes by hand.

I’m not going to try to read everything nutrition and exercise and put myself in information overload.  Instead, I’m working on unsubscribing from groups and emails that I’m really not that interested in.  I’ll still run and exercise, but that is not going to be my main focus.

I know you’re thinking that I have to have a plan.  Yes, I do.  I know the focus this time of year is exercise, exercise, exercise.  But mine is not. I’ve found a journal that focuses on food and faith (instead of food and exercise) that I should receive in the next day or two.  My plan is to implement that using a sensible food plan.  I’ve been doing Bright Line Eating this week and that has gone well.  Jason Vale also has a Super Blend Me! program that I am looking into.  Both of these plans are simple and freeing.

So, this year I don’t have a long list of things I want to accomplish.  Instead, it’s going to be the year of not doing and getting rid of.  It’s going to be the year of freedom and freeing myself up.

So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.  John 8:36


4 thoughts on “2018: Faith, Food, and Freedom”

  1. I admire your determination, Lori, but I think you’re right to pull back from the continual striving for perfection. Sometimes the thing we focus on most is what holds us back and taking our foot off the pedal a little can bring that goal closer. I am intending to try Jason’s SuperBlend plan too, but I have to wait until I have recovered from some back treatment next week, I need a rest after all the physical stresses and strains of family visits, so I’ll be doing it in my own time. I can’t do the exercise but I’ll adapt it as much as possible. I too have a small room that has been homework room, sewing room, office, play room and craft room. I gave it a good clear-out and redecorated last year and it was so liberating and energising. I now have a space for my handicrafts which I share with the littles when they visit and we can paint together. I wish you all the best for this new year 💜

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I think I’ll be happier with myself overall if I allow myself to let a few things go and just concentrate on one thing. I’m taking it nice and slow on making decisions on how to proceed. I don’t think I’m going to be ready to do Jason’s SuperBlend plan on Monday. I like Charles Bruno’s idea of a juice fast the 1-10th of each month, so I may do Jason’s Superblend plan the first 10 days of February.

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  2. You know what Lori? When reading your posts, I can’t help but think of Jesus admonition to love your neighbor as yourself. My point? You have to love yourself first. And it sounds to me like you work real hard on that.
    He also said to keep your eye simple. Too many focal points are distracting and can cause up to lose our focus. I think that limiting your things-to-do plan and focusing on yourself is a great plan in itself.
    Oh and I know from experience how freeing decluttering your house can be.
    Enjoy your 2018 😉

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