Back in the Saddle

Last week on Thursday I had a check up with my doctor on my ankle.  I’ve been given the green light to do some light running.  By that, I mean slow jogging for short periods of time on smooth, flat surfaces.  I’ve been reading about the run/walk/run method and assumed I would have to use that method or something like it to return to running.

Saturday afternoon I was able to go out for a walk in my neighborhood.  I knew the route I chose was about a mile and a half.  I signed up for a 3K next weekend, so I knew if I could finish this route ok, that I’d be fine for the 3K.

For the first half of the route I walked, and it felt good.  I also set my tabata timer for 10 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest and listened to it for part of the walk.  This wasn’t an arbitrary number that I came up with.  I found this recommended by Jeff Galloway for injured runners.

I decided to try some slow running for the second half of my walk.  That’s how long it took me to get the courage up to try it.  I was scared to death of re-injuring myself.  I did finally try it, and it felt good.  I made it back home feeling great and with no pain.

Sunday afternoon I needed to go to a store about a mile from my house, so I decided to give the run/walk/run method another try.  The first section of the walk was hilly, so I walked it.  Once on flatter ground, I gave it another try.  It didn’t feel so great this time.

My ankle felt tired and achy.  Then I remembered that the doctor said not to run two days in a row.  Oops!  I backed off after that and spent more time concentrating on my breathing than anything else.  Besides, fall is here so running is more treacherous now with leaves, acorns, and all kinds of things falling off the trees.

It was good to feel as if I’m “back in the saddle” again.  However, I know it’s going to be slow; and I know it’s going to be a lot of work.  However, I’ve done it before; so I know I can do it again.


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