A PR and a Photo Finish!

Last Saturday I ran the Christmas Light 5K.  It was one of those runs that was a lot of fun.  It was a very cool and crisp 35 degrees.  There was a costume contest at 5:00 pm with the run starting at 5:30.  The whole idea of the run was to look at the Christmas lights through town and then pick your favorite after the race.  There was a Christmas light contest for the neighborhood, with $200 going to the winner!

There were people dressed in regular running attire, along with people in full costume:  Santa Claus, a snowflake, reindeer, Mrs. Claus, you name it.  How some of these people ran in their costumes, I’m not sure.  I had lots of garb on just trying to stay warm–something I found to be a hindrance later in the race.

As with any cool run, it took the first mile to get warm.  After that, I spent the rest of the race slowly taking off layers and trying to find a secure place to put said items until the end of the race.  I ended up running across the finish line with several things in my hand.  I was too busy running and keeping track of all my garb to take time to look at the lights.  Plus, I didn’t see anything to indicate which houses were in the contest and which ones weren’t.

I am not good at pacing myself, so I spent most of the race running with a friend–either side by side or right behind.  I did not feel as if I was doing well, so I refused to look at my Fitbit and see what my time or my pace was.  I knew I was not doing well.

As we rounded the last corner and began to sprint to the finish line, I said to my friend, “Are you going to race me?”  She said, “I have a feeling I’d lose.”  We both made a mad dash for the finish line, trying to get ahead of the other just by a nose.  We crossed the finish line side by side and then gave each other a hug of accomplishment.  I looked at the clock in amazement.  I knew it would be a PR for me.  At that moment I learned that it’s a lot more fun to cross the finish line with a friend, even if she beats you by 4/100 of a second!

Version 2

It’s a lot more fun to cross the finish line with a friend, even if she beats you by 4/100 of a second!




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