305 lbs. Commit to Get Fit, the Book

During the time that I was participating in the 12-week Commit to Get Fit program at my local community center, my teammate recommended a book to me.  Ironically enough, it was also named Commit to Get Fit.  My teammate had it on Kindle, and was able to “loan” it to me for the three-week period that Kindle gives you.  I did read the book and found it very encouraging and inspiring.  However, due to the time limit, I also felt like I read at least parts of it at lightening speed.

I wanted to write a post on this book but didn’t feel like I could do it justice without reading it again.  So, I went to Amazon and bought a “like new” copy for just a few dollars and was pleasantly surprised to receive an autographed copy!  I am so glad that I chose to re-read this book.  It has been educational, entertaining, inspiring, and hard to put down.

Commit to Get Fit by Laura Dion-Jones

This book comes with a warning on the cover:  WARNING:  This is NOT your typical diet and fitness book!

It doesn’t take much reading in this book to find that it truly is not your typical diet and fitness book.  Why?  Because Dion-Jones is not your typical lady.  Dion-Jones very bluntly tells it the way it is, does not mince words, and does it all with great humor.

The first part of the book tells her story, which is inspiring in itself.  Not only was she a plus-size model, but she also created her own designer line of plus-size clothing.  She started her weight-loss journey at 317 lbs.   Just weeks away from gastric bypass surgery, she decided against it after attending a support group meeting for post-op patients.  This decision took her journey on a different track which resulted in walking 35,000 miles in 10 years–with a dislocated knee!

After telling her story, the book then focuses on you, and encourages you to create your own weight-loss story.  Dion-Jones tells you how to do this step by step.  She tells you what you MUST do for success.  She makes no bones about it being difficult and that permanent change is necessary  for “your own true and everlasting weight loss.”

After planning your future, there is Motivation and Inspiration, tips to keep you on track, meal suggestions, and all kinds of resources.  Yes, this book is a complete program in itself!

Wherever you are in your journey, this book could be a resource for you.  It is a quick read, but one that I know I’ll return to again and again as a resource.  Dion-Jones also has her own website where you can find some of the same information as in her book.  She also has videos, a blog, a coaching program, and many other resources to help you with “your own true and everlasting weight loss.”  You just “gotta wanna.”



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