The Silencing of Juicing Radio

Juicing Radio is a free podcast sponsored by Champion Juicers and created and hosted by Shane Whaley and Angela Von Buelow.  Their website says,

Juicing Radio is a podcast aimed at motivating, inspiring and educating people who are interested in starting juicing, sustaining juicing or renewing their interest in juicing.

Anyone you’ve ever heard of in the juicing community has been on Juicing Radio.  Most of them more than once.  A lot of people you’ve never heard of, ordinary people like you and me, have also been on Juicing Radio.  In fact, Shane asked me a few months ago if I would do an interview for the program.  I felt very honored, and I was excited to be able to share my story and what I have learned the last few years.  My eight year old has been asking me all summer, “Mommy, when are you going to be on the radio?”

Juicing Radio’s weekly podcasts have been an encouragement over the last year.  I have looked forward to listening to them, learning, and gleaning from the guests on the program.  I arrive at my part-time job on Friday mornings and refresh my podcast list.  Always there is a new program from Juicing Radio that I add to my “up next” list.  Often after listening to the program I would add it to the “up next” list again so that I could glean even more information.

This last Friday morning there was no new podcast from Juicing Radio.  I was bummed and thought, “What’s up?”  I arrived home Saturday night to find that there was a new podcast released, but it was also Juicing Radio’s last podcast.  This came as  a disappointment as the quality of the podcasts were absolutely excellent, and there is no other podcast out there like it!

The good news is that the podcasts are archived for now and you can listen to them and even download them to listen to later.  Shane says in his final podcast that he does not know how long he will be able to host the podcasts online, so go listen and download now while they’re still there.

Thank you, Shane and Angie for your valuable contributions to the juicing community.  I’m sure you will continue to contribute in other ways.


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