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Which Juicer is the Best?

This is a common question juicy people have, especially those that are new to juicing.  Often people ask the wrong question, which is the case here.  The question is not “Which juicer is the best?” but rather, “Which juicer is the best for you?”

My first juicer was a high-speed centrifical juicer.  The main thing going for it was that it was fast.  I could put whole fruits and vegetables in it and have juice within seconds.  It also was not expensive as far as juicers go.  Cleanup was ok and it could be rinsed and put in the dishwasher.  The number one negative about this jucier was the noise.  It was loud.  Loud enough that after using it for several months it just sat on the counter because I couldn’t bear the thought of turning it on and listening to it.

I sold that juicer on Craigslist and got most of my money back out of it.  I used that money and added to it to buy a horizontal masticating juicer.  I knew this would be the end of the line for juicers for me.

That juicer was a great juicer, but I was spending a lot more time in the kitchen.  It did not have the three inch feeder chute, so I was spending a lot of time prepping and cutting so everything would fit through it.  It also took a lot more time for the produce to go through the machine.  However, clean up was a snap with only a few, small parts to clean and my juice pulp was much, much dryer so I thought I was getting more juice out of the produce I was buying.

Next, I bought a centrifical slow juicer.  I bought it for two reasons:  it had a three inch feeder chute, and it promised to be whisper quiet.  It was whisper quiet, and I was very happy about that.  I liked not having to prep the produce but I was back to having very wet pulp and thinking that I was not getting as much juice out of my produce as I could.  It also had a lot of parts to clean, even though they could all be rinsed and put in the dishwasher.

Now that the vertical masticating juicers are available, I recently got rid of the centrifical slow juicer and have gone with a vertical masticating juicer.  This juicer is the best of both worlds with a the three inch feeder chute and a vertical auger.  And most of all, it is quiet.  The pulp is very dry with this juicer and cleanup is not a chore.

It has taken me four tries, but the juicers that I have kept and continue to use are the maticating juicers.  They are quiet and give me the quality of juice I am looking for.

The best juicer for YOU is one that you will use.  It’s just like having a treadmill or other exercise equipment in your house that you never use.  It does you no good if it eventually becomes a coat rack.  A juicer will do you no good if eventually you sit and stare at it because you can’t bear to turn it on, to clean it, or go through all of the preparation to use it.

Here are some things to consider when buying a juicer:

  • What will you be juicing?  Most juicers do ok with fruits and vegetables, but if you will be juicing a lot of leafy greens, you might want to take that into consideration and look for a juicer that superbly handles leafy greens.
  • How much time do you want to spend juicing?  If time is of the essence, consider a juicer with a three inch feeder chute so that you do not have to prep your produce (except for washing).  However, if time is not an issue and you enjoy working in the kitchen, then don’t be concerned about the size of the feeder chute.
  • Clean up.  It is important to at least rinse your juicer immediately after using it.  Otherwise, the juice dries like concrete and clogs the screen.  Masticating juicers have fewer parts and are easier and quicker to clean.  If clean up is not your forte, look for a juicer with few parts that has to be cleaned that can be rinsed and put in the dishwasher.
  • Noise.  If you are like me and sensitive to noise, a high-speed centrical juicer is not the one for you.  Also, if you are juicing at a time that you have children napping or others in your household sleeping, you will want a quiet juicer.  Think this one through, because it could effect you and your family more than you realize.
  • How much do you want to spend?  Many people list this as their first consideration, but I think it should be put last.  It’s easy to want or need a new appliance without realizing the cost involved, so we end up settling for something that doesn’t really work well for our needs.  However, I also realize that cost is an issue and that everyone’s cash is limited.  Buying a new appliance should be thought out and planned.  I think it’s best to first set your sight on the juicer that is right for you.  If it is within your budget, then you can purchase it and move on.  If it is way out of your budget range, then there are ways to start saving and setting goals to purchase it.  If it is going to take quite some time to be able to purchase it, then beg, borrow, or go to the thrift store and find a cheap juicer you can use in the interum.  Save up, do some extra jobs, or even ask for cash for birthdays and Christmas so that you can eventually purchase the right juicer for you.  This appliance can change your health and your life.  Don’t settle.

By Lori Camper


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