305 lbs. The Stress Factor

I was a dispatcher from home for a trucking company part-time on weekends.  My entire job was done electronically–monitoring the stores, dispatching the drivers, and communicating with the stores and the drivers.  As long as I was within range of a cell tower and had a working cell phone, I could do my job.  This made it easy to graft my work into the rest of my life.  We still participated in most of our weekend activities, including church.

After about four weeks into the Commit to Get fit program, my boss became very ill.  He dispatched during the week, so we sometimes traded days when one of us needed off.  His wife asked me if I could work a couple of days while he recovered from the flu.  Unfortunately, he ended up very ill in the hospital and never returned to work.

Being a dispatcher can mean being on call 24/7.  I worked non-stop for three weeks.  After three weeks, I still worked several days in a row with just the occasional day off.  It was difficult for everyone–for me, for my family, and for the drivers I was dispatching.  I had to remind them a few times that this was also difficult for me and disruptive for my whole family as well.

Regardless of the difficulty, I was determined not to drop out of the Commit to Get Fit program–after all I was paying for this!  I do believe that I missed one session with my trainer.  I was sorry that I had missed it and decided that I would not allow that to happen again.  After that, I made every session.  Cole always asked about our energy level and stress level.  I told him a bit about what was going on, so he knew that my stress level was way up while my energy level was way down.

I often went to the gym and to our training sessions with Cole with my bluetooth in my ear so that I could receive phone calls and texts from the drivers.  Most of the time I could make it through our sessions without being interrupted, but not always.

At the end of the program, Cole had an informal chat with my teammate and I and asked if we had gotten results from the program.  My reply to him was that I had received results, but not the ones I was hoping for.  Once my boss became ill, my weight loss came to a screeching halt.  I had not lost a lot of weight, but in more ways than one I was a lot stronger than when I had started.  However, I was now confident that I could do anything I put my mind to.

The whole twelve weeks was a huge learning experience.  I was stronger physically and mentally.  One thing that was obvious during this time, was the effects stress can have on your health.  I was tired and exhausted, but Cole had given me twelve weeks of encouragement that I desperately needed.

By Lori Camper


8 thoughts on “305 lbs. The Stress Factor

    1. Thank you. I did it out of complete fear! Fear that if I ever stopped that I would never go back. I still have that fear today and never go too many days without a workout in fear that I will stop all together.


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