305 lbs. People are Watching

Lately I’ve changed my running strategy.  After my 5K at the end of April, I decided to work on running better.  I would like to run a 10K one day, and I know to be able to do that that I am going to have to run better and faster.  I know I’m a horrible runner.  My running is so bad that when I go for a run in my neighborhood, I refer to it as “the neighborhood freak show.”  Still, I keep going; and I’m lapping everyone that’s sitting on the couch.

Some days I run a mile as hard and fast as I can.  I was in the process of doing this when I came up on a lady walking in my neighborhood.  This is a lady that I’ve seen almost every day walking in my neighborhood for the last several years, yet I’ve never taken the time to speak to her.  She had her earphones in, and turned around to see what all the noise was behind her.

“It’s just me,” I said.  And I went on my way.

I was nearly done with my run at that point and starting to huff and puff, I’m sure.  I went on and finished the short distance I had left, and then doubled back since I had just passed my house.  In the process of doubling back, I started to pass this woman again.  This time she stopped me.

You are an inspiration.

I could not believe what I was hearing.  For the last several years, I have watched this woman walk past my house with her little dog.  I had been watching her–I was not expecting to have her tell me that she had also been watching me.

We chatted for a few seconds and then I thought, “Who else is watching that I’m unaware of?”

That answer came to me a few days later.

At church Sunday night the pastor’s wife told me that one of her kids had commented to her Sunday morning on how much weight I had lost.  She was surprised when I told her that I had lost over 100 pounds.

If you are on a fitness and/or weight loss journey, keep going!  You may not realize it, but people are watching and they are noticing.  They are thinking to themselves what a great job you are doing, but they are also scared to death to say anything to you.  Why this is, I don’t know.  It seems like as humans we are quick to criticize but slow to encourage.  Bottom line is, you may be inspiring someone else to make huge changes in their life without even knowing it!  People are counting on you!  Don’t give up.

If you thrive on encouragement, all you need is one person.  Look for that person, seek him or her out, and ask God to bring someone to you.  He can bring someone to you in the most incredible and unexpected way.

By Lori Camper


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