305 lbs. My First Juice Steadfast

I decided I was going to abstain from food and drink juice only for 60 days.  I’m calling this a steadfast because that’s exactly what you have to be.  You have to be firm in belief, determined, and adhering.  Could I do it?  What kind of results would I see?

After watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead I was firm in my belief.  I saw how jucing worked for Phil and Joe, so I was convinced it would work for me too.  I was determined to do this and to stick to it (adhere) and make it work.  Sixty days out of my life was a very minute amount of time, and I thought it would certainly be worth it if I saw the results Joe and Phil saw.

My steadfast took place during the early summer.  This has become my favorite time to juice.  This is the time when fruits and vegetables are in plentiful supply and at their best.  They are easy to find and the farmer’s markets are in full swing.  I also think that the colder the juices are the better they taste, so that makes juicing during the hot months very pleasant.

This was also a time that I didn’t have a lot of activities on the calendar.  That made it easy for me to concentrate on juicing and sticking to it.  I didn’t have a lot of activities, dinners, or special events to go to and I didn’t host any either.  We had one potluck dinner at church.  Howver, I was putting the church directory together, so I used the time that everyone was sitting down and eating as an opportunity to talk to the people I needed information from.

After a couple of weeks, the hunger and want for food vanished and my steadfast became my way of life.  I was fortunate not to have any withdrawals or cravings, but sometimes I did want to eat simply to have something to chew on.  I was too scared to eat.  I read horror stories of how people went right back to eating normally immediately after a steadfast and ended up very sick or in the hospital.  I knew better than that.  No matter how tempting something might have been, that was enough to keep me from giving in.

Overall it went well and I lost somewhere around 50 pounds.  People were noticing, and I got lots of compliments on my skin.  It did look better than ever.  I was excited and flying higher than a kite.  It did work for me, and I got the results I wanted.  For the first time in my life I believed my weight was something I could control.

By Lori Camper


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