305 lbs. The Moment that Changed my Life

I was leaving the building after church one Sunday morning, walked around a corner, and came face to face with someone I hadn’t seen for a few weeks.  We’ll call her Tamara.  Tamara is a little older and wiser than me.  She is one of the women in our church that I feel thinks like me–one of the women I’ve gleaned from.  Tamara looked great and I told her so.  She told me that she had lost 50 pounds through juicing and recommended that I watch a movie called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

I was intrigued.  Juicing was not something I was completely unfamiliar with.  Neither was fasting.  I had known people throughout the years that juiced and did juice fasts or juice and soup for periods of time.  But, they did this for health reasons.  This was the first time I had heard of using juicing as a method to lose weight.

Could this work?  Could this work for me?   I needed to lose a lot of weight, and the thought of losing it quickly was exciting to me.

Naturally, I went home and immediately forgot the name of the movie.

The next week I asked Tamara again for the name of the movie.  I made a note of it this time.  I went home and started Googling.  I could not find a place to watch the movie without paying for it.  I finally got my hands on the DVD.  I’m not sure where it came from.  Either Tamara loaned it to me or it came from the library.

I sat down very late one evening and watched the movie.  It was definitely inspiring.  I was pumped and ready to give juicing a try.  Joe Cross’ story was inspiring and amazing.  I believe he lost somewhere around 90 pounds in 90 days.  Could I do that?  Would juicing work for me like it worked for Joe?  Even more inspiring was Phil’s story–a truck driver that parked his truck and went and stayed at a resort to concentrate on juicing and regaining his health.  My husband had a truck-driver friend that reminded me of Phil, so without saying anything about Phil, I recommended that he watch the movie.

I didn’t know anything about juicers or juicing, but I knew I wanted to get started.  I let my fingers do the walking on my keyboard and started looking for the same juicer Joe Cross used in the movie.  My fingers did lots of walking, as it was sold out almost everywhere I looked.

I finally found a place that had the juicer in stock.  It would take it a week or so for me to get it and I had to pay a little more than other advertised prices, but I wanted to get it in my hands before the excitement wore off.

I know all of these events sound very insignificant.  But, this is where it all started.  This is that one snowflake that created a snowball that started the avalanche that changed my life.  If Tamara had not taken the steps to lose 50 pounds herself, I would probably weigh even more than 305 pounds today.  Juicing has changed my life and saved my life, and I have Tamara to thank for introducing me to the world of juicing.

By Lori Camper


4 thoughts on “305 lbs. The Moment that Changed my Life

  1. Agree, it’s an inspiring film and Phil’s story is especially moving. For me, the first juicing film I watched was Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! My nephew worked on it which is how I came to hear about it and how I got into juicing, for health reasons. It too is very moving. Tissues definitely required! I am so pleased you’ve had so much success and hope your story will inspire others.☺️👏🏻

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