305 lbs. Why it was so easy to stay there.

In all my fatness, I never had any health problems. I never had that moment where I went to the doctor and he/she gave me the bad news that if I didn’t change my lifestyle I was going to drop dead one day.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with a blood disorder (MTHFR). At that time it was a fairly new find in the medical field. Google was able to find two search results for it–both being medical journals that I could not get full access to. I was not exhibiting any side effects from the disorder. The first thing my doctor said to me was, “you must be eating pretty well since your homocysteine levels are normal.”

I did think I was eating pretty well. To help make ends meet, we quit buying any convenience food and I was making everything from scratch. We were definitely eating a lot better than we had been, but we could still do a lot better.

Amazingly enough, I never had diabetes. I never had high blood pressure or high cholesteral. Every time I had a physical, the only problem was my “height/weight ratio.” If only I could grow 12 inches!

I did not remain at 305 lbs for long. It took me years to get there. The heavier I got, the harder it got to move. I racked it up to “getting old.” After all, that’s how I felt. The older I got, the heavier I got, the less I moved. It was all a vicious cycle that I was in without even knowing it. I thought that what I was experiencing was a normal part of the aging process.  I thought I was living the life I was destined to live.

By Lori Camper


6 thoughts on “305 lbs. Why it was so easy to stay there.

  1. So pleased to hear you got a clean bill of health from your doctor. There is a huge myth that larger people are automatically unfit and are in close proximity to a heart attack or stroke.


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