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Words Have Meaning: Two Whole Eggs

It struck me as humorous and also a little odd that the ingredients needed to add to a brownie mix would include “2 whole large eggs.”  Not that I find anything wrong with adding eggs to a brownie mix, but is it really necessary that I be told to add whole eggs?  I realize that some recipes call for egg whites or egg yolks, but they simply say so in the list of ingredients needed and in the instructions.  They don’t say, “two partial eggs.”

Now, this brownie mix was purchased at my local bargain basement store.  Perhaps its executives think that their clientele needs to be reminded that these are whole eggs.  Then again, do you ever put the whole egg (which would include the shell) in anything?  Words have meaning, but we are becoming too dumb to know and understand the very meaning of the words we use.



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