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Why do You #Homeschool?

Handcuffs (Photo credit: .v1ctor Casale.)

We all homeschool for different reasons.  Most of us homeshool for more than one reason.  Once you begin to homeschool, your reasons for doing so may change.

Homeschooling your children is a full-time “job;” and just like any other job, you have your good days and your bad days.  I know there were often days that I thought about how nice it would be to put my kids on the bus every morning.  There were also some days when they weren’t behaving that I would threaten to put them on the bus!  However, when it came down to it, I would never put them on the bus.  I know they knew that too.

When those not-so-good homeschooling days come along, it’s helpful to think about why you’re homeschooling.  It’s helpful to step back for a moment and look at the big picture.  Why am I doing this?  What am I trying to accomplish?  Are we making progress?  Are my children where they need to be now?  A little reflection can often keep you going.

Another thing that keeps me going is the news reports of what is happening in the government schools.  Reports like the one below convince me that many of our government schools are not a place for children.

Second-Grader Says School Put Him In Handcuffs For Misbehaving

Yes, a second grader at a Kansas City school was placed in handcuffs last week.

Kalyb told the station that kids were teasing and taunting him but nothing got physical. A teacher was unable to calm him down and he was taken to the principal’s office by a school security guard.

“We were halfway down the hall, he put handcuffs on and twisted my wrists a little,” Kalyb added.

The report never states that the child was not cooperating with the security guard.

A school’s spokesperson said the security officer followed the proper protocol to ensure everyone’s safety.

Everyone’s safety?  The report never mentions that the child had a weapon.  When was the last time you were afraid of a seven-year old?

Not only is this kid being bullied by the students at this school, he’s also being bullied by the adults.  I cannot imagine the trauma that has been inflicted upon this child.

We all get asked from time to time why we homeschool.  After 15 years, I have lots of reasons.  My answer will often vary depending on how ornery I’m feeling that day.  One of my answers is, “It keeps me out of jail.”  By that I mean that I don’t know how I’d react if my child were the seven-year old placed in handcuffs.  I’m grateful that I will never have to find out and that my child will never have to suffer the treatment that is handed out in government schools.

Why do you homeschool?


2 thoughts on “Why do You #Homeschool?”

  1. I have found that the reasons multiply each year that we homeschool. Stories like the one you cite here, along with health reasons, learning differences, and honestly the desire to be with my kiddo as much as possible. 🙂


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