How to Save Substantially (Maybe Even Free) EpiPens

EpiPens are portable epinephrine-dispensing de...
EpiPens are portable epinephrine-dispensing devices which can be used to alleviate the symptoms of severe, acute allergies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had a situation a few weeks ago where DD’s remaining EpiPen was left in the car one evening and froze. While looking around the net to see if this ruined the effectiveness of the pen (the conclusion is yes), I found a bargain from the manufacturers of EpiPen.

I had to fill out a brief survey, and then the card came up on my screen. When it asks for your age, make sure you give them your age, not your child’s age. I could print it or have it sent to myself in a variety of matters. If you don’t print it, it will be sent to you as a .png document. This card can be used over and over through the end of 2014, so I suggest storing it on your phone so you’ll be able to find it.

I want to be clear that the pens may not be free for everyone. EpiPen is offering up to $100 off a two-pack, so if you have insurance and your co-pay is less than $100, you will get them for free. If this is not the case, you will get $100 off and pay the remainder.

We were shocked to find out that EpiPens have nearly doubled in price since the last time we bought them about two years ago. At that time, they were $239 for an EpiPen Jr. two pack. I was able to use a discount card and pay right at $200. This time around, the closest pharmacy in town is selling them for $375, and the next big pharmacy in town is selling them for $331. To think that this is emergency medication for children that we all hope we will never have to use and instead will one day throw in the trash is maddening.

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2 thoughts on “How to Save Substantially (Maybe Even Free) EpiPens

  1. Maddening, and then some.
    We’ve had to keep them around ever since the boys were little and we figured out they were allergic to quite a few things. Haven’t used one yet, but we can’t take the chance of NOT having one, just in case.

    I’ll show this to my wife, as I confess I’m not aware what we paid last time.
    Thanks, Lori….


    1. I had the pleasure of giving my daughter a shot with her EpiPen last August. It wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. I think it will give her the courage to give it to herself if she ever has to. The ER doctor was quite impressed that I did it. Hopefully, I’ll never have to do it again.


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