Boston Public School Officials Pull Donated Prophylactics on Account of Risqué Labeling

Parents ok with kids having sex as long as they use a condom and as long as said condom’s label doesn’t contain sexual innuendo.

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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is retrieving what it can of 40,000 prophylactics donated to Boston public schools after outraged parents queried the propriety of the idiom and pictures displayed on the packaging. H/t I am the Stig (Facebook).

How is it that school officials failed to recognize that messages on the packaging such as “One lucky lady,” “hump one,” and “tasty one,” which was accompanied by a picture of a shark preying on a small fish”is tasteless and inappropriate for teenagers?

Prophylactics with tasteless rhetoric donated to Boston Public Schools by Mass Health Department RECALLED

News of the risqué packaging surfaced after, as reported by the Boston Globe, during a discussion, nurse midwife and former school committee member, a shocked Helen Dajer was presented with the prophylactics by a high school nurse concerned about the packaging.

….The nurse, concerned about the wrappers, showed her the condoms, Dajer said. ‘I was horrified,’ said Dajer, who supports distributing condoms but…

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One thought on “Boston Public School Officials Pull Donated Prophylactics on Account of Risqué Labeling

  1. I had about 20 puns that popped into my head immediately, …but I really can’t repeat any of them.

    Suffice to say that anyone who feels that condoms for kids are okey-dokey but the sexual innuendo ON the condoms is somehow too mature for them, has no business having any contact with kids whatsoever.


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