Boehner, Obama, to hold closed-door meeting Tuesday

The question is, what side of the door will Boehner be on?

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Boehner, Obama, to hold closed-door meeting Tuesday

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner will hold a closed-door meeting at 11:30 am at the White House Tuesday. A proposed immigration rewrite is high on the list of likely topics.

The news of the meeting was announced late Monday night by White House officials. But the press will be excluded. “This meeting is closed press,” according to the White House statement.

The speaker’s blog didn’t offer any information about the meeting.

The meeting is a risky move for Boehner because numerous polls show the proposed immigration increases are very unpopular among swing-voters and GOP-leaning voters. Those increases are popular among wealthy Americans, business executives, progressives and Wall Street donors.

Public opposition has already persuaded many House legislators, and several Senate GOP leaders, to oppose votes on immigration bills, and caused Boehner to announce he was putting the brakes on consideration of any bill.

But Obama and his…

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