ABC Takes Guns into Elementary School and Hides them Amongst Children’s Toys and Backpacks


In a report called Young Guns, Diane Sawyer and David Muir wanted to show the American people what happens when you leave unattended guns in children’s toys and backpacks at school.  So, they broke several gun safety rules and federal law to do just that.  Not only did they leave unattended guns in the toys and backpacks of children, all this happened at an elementary school!

First the teacher showed the children the Eddie Eagle video and taught a lesson.  Then, the police came in and talked gun safety with the children.

Ignoring the number one gun safety rule (treat every gun as if it were loaded), the police came in two days later and hid unloaded guns amongst the children’s toys.  Keep in mind that this all took place at an elementary school where it is in violation of federal law to carry a firearm.   The teacher then ignores another very important gun safety rule (never leave guns unattended around children) and leaves the room.

The video below catches what happened when two boys found one of the guns.  The first thing they both did was look right down the barrel of the gun.

Here’s Diane Sawyer and her propaganda:

This whole incident brings on a tidal wave of emotions for me.  First of all, anger.  I’m angry that the parents would agree to let their children go through this experiment.  I can understand wanting to teach your kids a lesson about guns, but this isn’t the way to do it.  Responsible, or maybe even irresponsible parents, don’t leave guns amongst children’s toys and backpacks.  When children find guns in the home, it’s not because mom or dad left their .45 in the child’s toy box.

I’m angry that the teacher conducted this experiment and set the kids up.  She knew the kids would fail.  Surely these children have lost trust in her.

I’m angry at the police for bringing guns into the school and leaving them in the children’s toys for them to find.  They ignored all kinds of laws and gun safety rules.  Again, the people that are supposed to be looking out for these kids and that these children are supposed to respect and trust, have proven to be untrustworthy.  Why would anyone expect the kids to follow the rules when the adults aren’t even following the rules?

I’m also angry at ABC and Diane Sawyer for putting on this whole escapade.  Instead of reporting the news, she was making the news.  And the news that she did report, she didn’t do truthfully.

Most of all, I feel sadness for these children.  The lesson they’re going to learn is that their parents, teachers, and police officers set them up.  They broke laws and rules to supposedly teach them a lesson.  The lesson these children are going to go away with is that the people that are supposed to be looking out for you can’t always be trusted.  Very, very sad.

I would hope that there would be serious consequences for such a stunt, but I doubt it.  The teachers and police officers involved should be fired immediately.  The parents need to apologize to their children for doing something so stupid.  And I hope that America has enough sense to turn Diane Sawyer off.  Sadly, I doubt that any of this will happen.

And thank you Dana Loesch for speaking the truth:

Thankfully, those that are home educators can properly teach their children gun safety.  Responsible gun owners know that gun ownership is a lifestyle.  Home educators know that responsible gun ownership can be taught (legally, I might add) in their school whether they are gun owners or not.  What could be more fun than a field trip to the range?

By Lori Camper

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5 thoughts on “ABC Takes Guns into Elementary School and Hides them Amongst Children’s Toys and Backpacks

  1. I think the biggest challenge is that instead of teaching kids to RESPECT guns…a lot of well meaning people are only teaching them how to FEAR them. My hubby is in law enforcement and I actually had a mom tell me that she wouldn’t let her daughter over at my house because we have guns. Duh?! I didn’t matter what I told her about the guns being locked up, in a safe in my closet bedroom…she didn’t care. Okay, your choice. But the way she acted was almost as if she thought we had them sitting on every available surface…not purposely and responsibly put away. Needless to say…my daughter and this other girl didn’t play together much often after that.


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