Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate Synopsis

Bill Nye the Science Guy at The UP Experience ...
photo by Ed Schipul

The debate started with a five-minute opening statement from each participant.  Right off, Ken Ham talked about how our language has been hijacked and that he wanted us to get our terms right.  He talked about “historical science” which is science that has happened in the past and is something that we have no way observing versus “observational science” which happens in the present day, we can observe, and we all agree on.

Bill Nye again and again presented as evidence of an old Earth the dating methods of rock, sediment, and trees.  However, he gave no evidence to show that those dating methods are accurate.

Overall, the men were polite to one another, except that Bill Nye was a bit condescending.  He admitted to not knowing anything about the Bible and made fun of Ken Ham’s references to it.  He explained how he thought the account of Noah’s ark was absurd and that the ark could not have held up under those conditions or held the number of animals he thought would have been on the ark.  He also claimed that Noah was unskilled and unable to build such a structure.  What Bill Nye doesn’t know is that Noah only built part of the ark.  God finished the ark.  I’m sure he did a great job and made sure is was seaworthy.

The debate was most interesting towards the end when both men answered questions from the audience.  One question which went to Bill Nye first, asked where matter came from.  Bill Nye admitted that he did not know.  It was a classic moment when Ken Ham said, “Well, there’s this book . . .” and he went on to recite the creation story in Genesis.

The very next question, which went to Ken Ham first, asked for the men to explain consciousness.  Without missing a beat, Ken Ham said, “Well, there’s this book,” and he went on to explain that God breathed the breath of life into Adam.

A message from the founder

Bill Nye believes that if children are taught creation that they cannot be good scientists, that the United States will lag behind other countries, and that our technological advancements will go down the drain.  I was touched when Ken Ham voiced his concern,

I want children to be taught the right foundation: that there is a God who created them, loves them, who died on the cross for them.

Whether or not you believe in a Creator comes down to one thing:  your worldview.  Do you worship God, the Creator, the Great I AM; or do you worship man and the world he lives in?

In the end, I was encouraged that Ken Ham had found a way to tell everyone that watched the Good News.  However, I also felt sadness for Bill Nye.  He clearly is not a believer and never intends to be.

By Lori Camper

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