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Lisa Farmer’s Infamous Crap Dip?

Thanks to spell check, many people can no longer or never really learned to proofread their work. Rarely does a day go by that you can browse the news reports without finding something misspelled, words left out, or sentences that don’t even make sense. I don’t expect error-free work from personal blogs, but I do expect it from professional news sources. It is sad that quality in everything has plummeted, and what’s even sadder is how it has become acceptable.

Feast your eyes on Lisa Farmer’s Infamous Crap Dip which was posted by a local news station this morning.


Of course, if you check the ingredients, you’ll find that this is a recipe for crab dip. That sounds much more appetizing.

I have a friend that once worked for a small-town newspaper.  I remember her telling me how they would come up with their own comical headlines for many of the stories that were yet to be published in the newspaper.  This was all well and good until one headline failed to get corrected before the newspaper was published.

Now, I can’t help but wonder if this was truly a typo or if it is a headline that didn’t get corrected before it was published.


4 thoughts on “Lisa Farmer’s Infamous Crap Dip?”

  1. Great post, Lori, and one of my all-time pet peeves.

    I lament constantly how poor the spelling/punctuation/grammar is today, regardless of the alleged professionalism of the medium. Sadly, there are just as many mistakes in the local paper as there are online.

    Possibly my all-time favorite word to watch for is “imbecile”, as I virtually never it spelled correctly. Sometimes it’s so far off that I have to guess at it based solely on context. 😉

    Just another reason that my wife and I homeschool…


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