Scribd: Not Just for Documents Anymore

Scribd is no longer just for sharing and embedding documents. They now have a new service with digital books. Think of it as Netflix for books. For $8.99 a month, you can subscribe and “borrow” as many digital books a month as you’d like.

You can download their app or go to their website and see what you can get for free. Along with professional publisher content, Scribd is also allowing user content to be uploaded to their site. I was able to download a couple of books for free that I’ve been wanting to read. These books were written in the 50’s and 60’s, so I’m questioning whether this might be copyright infringement.

I’m really excited about this service and think it could be a great tool for homeschoolers. Sure, the public library has digital books that you can check out for free, but because of the way “the big five” are acting towards public libraries, there are a lot of digital books out there that aren’t available through public libraries.

You might think $8.99 is a little much, but you would only have to read one book a month for it to be worth it since most digital books cost that much or more. If you add in the convenience of not making a trip to the book store or library and the library fines that you’ll save (you homeschoolers know what I’m talking about), it could be a real bargain.

I think Scribd is on to something and that this could really take off. I hope they listen to their customers and are able to meet their demands. My only concern is the user content. It could “junk up” the good content that they have on their site, or end up causing a lot of headaches if their users are infringing on copyrights like some of the music sharing websites of the past.


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