Infographic: Soda and Its Effect on Your Body

I recently ran across this infographic on soda and the effects it has on your body.  When I had kids in cross-country and track, their coach told them that the worse thing they could do was drink soda.  After a few practices, the kids believed it and went off of soda for quite some time.  It didn’t take long for them to feel the difference in their bodies.  Soon after they would cave and drink a soda, they would regret it.

I really, really like soda and could easily drink it every day if it were available.  I’ve chosen not to buy it regularly and not to make it available.  Instead, I have been fermenting water using water kefir granules.  It makes a nice, fizzy drink that is tasty and good for you all at the same time.

That said, we do use Coca Cola in our house for medicinal purposes.  For some reason, when I have an upset stomach, I’d much rather have a Coke than Sprite or 7-Up.  This was confirmed during a hospital stay in which my husband had a constant upset stomach.  The nurse of more than 30 years told us that they used to be able to get the Coke syrup and used it for upset stomachs.  They were no longer able to get it, so they would boil the Coke down as much as possible.  This seemed somewhat helpful for my husband, and had a lot less side effects than all the medications they were giving him that were making him sick in the first place.


By Lori Camper


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