Another Reason to Homeschool: Teachers Don’t Feel Safe

The union representing teachers in the Hickman Mills School District says administrators are not doing enough to protect teachers and they want a plan in place.

Some Hickman Mills teachers say they don’t feel safe, and Thursday night they let the district know that. It’s all stemming from a parent accused of beating up a teacher.

via After assault, teachers demand more protection – KCTV5.

After a teacher had the snot beat out of her by the mother of one of her students, the teachers’ union is wanting a safer environment for the teachers to work in.  Some teachers claim they don’t “feel safe.”  Nothing is mentioned as to whether or not the teachers are truly unsafe or if they just “feel” unsafe.

I’m having a hard time understanding why these teachers would return to a work environment day after day that they believe is unsafe.  I really can’t understand why parents are sending their children to this environment.  If it’s not safe for adults, it surely isn’t a good environment for children to be in.

By Lori Camper


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