Atheist students use federal law to pursue same rights as Christians for ‘secular safe zones’

A 30-year-old federal law created to protect the right of Christian students to gather now is being used to protect the rights of students with opposite beliefs.

This school year, the Secular Student Alliance, a national organization advocating the rights of nonreligious students, has created “secular safe zones” on 26 college and high school campuses throughout the country.

“Christianity is so prevalent in society that it’s taken as the norm and to many atheists it’s off-putting,” said the alliance’s spokesman Jesse Galef.

Mr. Galef said the safe zones — rooms or areas set aside specifically for nonreligious students — can help build community, foster service projects and educate individuals about atheism. The safe zones are overseen primarily by student leaders and faculty member allies.

via Atheist students use federal law to pursue same rights as Christians for ‘secular safe zones’ – Washington Times.

Instead of racial segregation, we now have belief segregation.  We can no longer tolerate anyone that does not believe the same as we do, so we must now create  safe zones for our belief(s).  This is what zero tolerance breeds.  It breeds the thought and attitude that people cannot even be in the presence of others that believe differently than they do.  That person is completely rejected.  How will we ever have a civil debate or a thoughtful discussion if we’re around people who believe the same as we do every moment of the day?

For the atheists to say that they need a safe zone away from the Christians certainly doesn’t look good on the Christian’s part.  After all, Christians are supposed to love one another and treat everyone with kindness, not just other Christians.  Is creating a safe zone for the atheists implying that the rest of the campus is unsafe?

Mr. Hazen thinks the biggest problem between believers and nonbelievers is that both sides try to dominate the conversation. For this reason, he said, listening in discourse is imperative.

This is the side effect of the government schools teaching our kids to be activists and protesters.  They’re taught to protest, scream, and throw a fit over anything they are in want of.  (Think occupy Wall Street.)  Students are not being taught to listen, think, study, and contemplate.

As far as being “off-putting,” welcome to the planet Earth.  Every one of us could choose to be offended every time we walked out the door if we really wanted to.   Most of us don’t.  We see things that aren’t to our liking or our beliefs, but we don’t make a big deal out of it.  But, as our government schools continue to teach students to be activists and protesters, we are going to see more groups like this popping up.  So much for celebrating diversity.


6 thoughts on “Atheist students use federal law to pursue same rights as Christians for ‘secular safe zones’

      1. I just saw a clip from a tv show that is currently on the air where a woman brings a man home to dinner to meet her family and it comes out that he’s an atheist. The entire family rails against him, insults his character (where moments before they had been praising him) and then the daughter immediately dumps him after he says how much he loves and cares about her. Then the father asks her if she is going to leave him, she says she already has, and he says “thank god”, followed immediately by the end credits.

        Imagine if you lived in a culture where there were tv shows like that about christians, might you want to outline the need for tolerance?


  1. Yes, it’s not like kids are going to spend their whole school day holing up in a “safe zone” and not talking to anybody else. From their website: “The Secular Safe Zone program trains and educates allies who will create safe spaces in which secular students can question, criticize, and discuss topics and issues important to them.” It would be great if that meant the whole school, at every school, but we’re not there yet, this is just a beginning. And as long as the public schools allow Good News Clubs and Edge clubs and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we’ll also need secular clubs and adult mentors as a support for those kids who choose to opt out of religion entirely.


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