Government Shutdown: A Great Day for America!

It’s a great day in America! We all woke up today to a smaller government. This so-called government shutdown effected me and most other Americans the same way all the previous government shutdowns have–in no way what so ever.

It was a lot like Y2K–a lot of hype and scare tactics. Some probably made preparations, some didn’t, and then it was business as usual.

Why did this happen? This happened because our government’s fiscal year starts October 1. They have not passed a budget or a spending bill, so they have no authority to spend all the tax money they are collecting from you and I on a daily basis.

What is a government shutdown? It’s not really a shutdown at all. All “non-essential” workers are required to stay home, while all “essential” workers are allowed to continue to work.  In every previous shutdown, non-essential workers were paid for their time off once they returned to work.

The first thing that comes to my mind is, why do we have non-essential government workers? How many businesses can afford this? It is estimated that there are between 800,000 and over a million non-essential workers that stayed home today. That is appalling considering that there are 3.3 million government workers. That means that about 1/3 of our bloated government work force is “non essential.”

How can this be? After all, Nancy Palosi told us that the cupboards are bare and there are no more cuts to make.

Our government should be run like a business, and if a worker isn’t needed, he/she shouldn’t be hired in the first place. As new efficiancies come along and business changes, workers may have to be let go. That’s how business goes. That’s how private businesses survive. Non-essential government workers shouldn’t get to stay on the dole just because the government can suck more money out of the American people to pay their salaries.

So, what does a government shutdown look like?

Three fourths of White House staff will stay home. This does not include the Secret Service. You might think that it probably takes a couple of hundred people to run the White House. Oh, no; 1, 265 employees will stay home, while 436 will come to work at the White House. Michelle’s staff is not included in these numbers.

Food stamps will not shut down. We’d hate to give these people an incentive to go look for a job.

The president will still get paid, and so will the house and senate. Since these are the people that caused this, it seems that they should be the ones not to get paid.

All military personnel will continue to serve. They will accrue pay, but will not be able to collect that pay until the shutdown is over. However, since most employers are two weeks behind on pay, they are unlikely to notice any difference unless the shutdown lasts longer than two weeks. Most only last a few days.

Banks will continue to operate along with private businesses, and the post office will continue to deliver mail.

Government schools and universities will continue to function.  The streets and sidewalks will not roll up and disappear. Neither will the taxes you have to pay.

Airports will still be open. The FAA will continue to operate, and the TSA will still be there to give you a message before boarding your plane.

Emergency workers such as firemen and policemen will continue to work.

No tweets from @uscapitol.

There are a few things that will actually close, but these are more of an inconvenience than anything else. National parks, museums, and the like will be closed during the government shut down/showdown. Again, these are merely an inconvenience.

And, “What about Obamacare?” you may ask? The implementation of Obamacare went on just as planned. However, not without some hiccups.


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