What’s Really Behind #GMOs – Owning The World’s Food Supply

GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM (Photo credit: live w mcs)

Monsanto’s end game is to own the rights to all seeds for edible plants. If we don’t focus on this one issue, they will succeed.

While we battle out the labels, Monsanto will be busy suing local farmers for patent infringement by claiming rights to their crop yields. Monsanto is already claiming that the crops in other countries are ultimately theirs because their patented seeds are now planted in foreign agricultural systems.

This is the bottom-line and ultimate goal of Monsanto – to own the world’s food supply.

There is more information at the link below, but what it comes down to is Monsanto wanting the rights to all seeds, hence, controlling the food supply.  Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren?

via What’s Really Behind GMOs – Owning The World’s Food Supply — Dr. Hull’s Healthy News.

By Lori Camper

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