NYC: Muslim immigrant gets 30 years for plot to bomb Federal Reserve

Creeping Sharia

Another Muslim Student Association (a Muslim Brotherhood founded group) alumni convicted of terrorism. Also on a student visa despite having already been radicalized before coming to the U.S. via Tyler Morning Telegraph – Man gets 30 years in prison for plot to bomb Federal Reserve.

NEW YORK (AP) — A 22-year-old Bangladeshi man who begged for leniency after pleading guilty to terrorism charges for trying to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York was sentenced Friday to 30 years in prison.

“I’m ashamed. I’m lost. I tried to do a terrible thing. I alone am responsible for what I’ve done. Please forgive me,” Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis said before his sentence was handed down in Manhattan federal court. He apologized to the judge, the United States, New York City and his parents.

Nafis became radicalized at his university in Bangladesh and came to the U.S…

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