Want a job? Good luck finding full-time work

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — More people are landing jobs these days, but they are often part-time or temp work.

The number of Americans finding part-time jobs has surged this year, with more than four times as many getting only part-time work as opposed to full-time jobs, according to Labor Department data. That’s the opposite of what happened last year, when full-time hires far outstripped part-time ones.

At the same time, the ranks of temps has exploded: A record 2.7 million people held these positions in June, up from 2.5 million a year ago. It will be very interesting to see if this continued in July. The government will report the latest figures about the job market on Friday.

While companies have been beefing up their temporary and part-time payrolls in recent years, the trend has accelerated in 2013, with an especially large jump in part-time hiring in June.

There has…

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