Obama’s America: Doing the Reich Thing

The verdict is in.

In 2008 the Romeike family left Germany for the United States, because they were worried about the values the compulsory German public schools were teaching. They came to America so they could home school their children and teach them Christian values. In Germany, they faced the possibility of fines, imprisonment, and losing the custody of their children.

The Obama administration has been intent upon deporting them.

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has been defending the family in court.

They were initially granted asylum in 2010, but that asylum was revoked in 2012 after being appealed by Eric Holder; for what reason, I don’t know.

They argued their case before the Sixth Circuit court, and have just been denied asylum.

If forced to return to Germany, the Romeikes will likely lose custody of their children, just as they would have if they had never left.

HSLDA plans to appeal this decision, so there is still hope, however slim.

via Update: Romeike Family’s Appeal for Asylum is Denied « selfeducatedconservative.

Trifecta explains what this means for you and me:


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