Failed student science project results in expulsion, felony charges

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BARSTOW, Fla. — A Florida teenager with an “exemplary record” was arrested and expelled from her high school for conducting a science experiment which had the wrong results.

Kiera Wilmot, a student at Bartow High School, is facing two felony charges for the incident, which includes making or attempting to make a destructive device.  She had mixed toilet bowl cleaner and pieces of aluminum foil in a tiny water bottle.

Wilmot told police she thought the concoction would result in a little smoke. Instead, the bottle exploded, according to the Barstow Police Department report,

A spokesperson for the Florida State Attorney’s office said the case is currently under investigation and would not be commenting further.

The 16-year-old was in the school yard working on the experiment, according to the police report.  The project was not part of a class assignment and no one was injured in the incident.

Bartow High…

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