STUDY: Voice-To-Text Is Just As Dangerous As Regular Texting While Driving

Texting while Driving
Texting while Driving (Photo credit: IntelFreePress)


Last year while on vacation we rented a 2013 car.  All of our cars are older, and this one had so many gadgets on it, that my husband who is a professional driver had someone from the rental car business go over the car with him.




This car had so many gadgets it was unreal.  It had a little screen in the dash that showed you the weather, what was playing on the radio, etc.  All I could think of, and I made the comment often, was that there was so many gadgets in the car that it was distracting.  I’m not sure that we ever got the heating/cooling completely figured out.




Electronics are nice and they often make our lives easier.  However, they have their place; and there are places where they are not appropriate.  Behind the wheel is one of those places.




SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – Using voice to send text messages while driving is just as dangerous as texting with fingers, with driver response times significantly delayed no matter which method was used, a study released on Tuesday showed.

The study by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University was the first to compare voice-to-text and traditional texting on a handheld device in an actual driving environment.

“In each case, drivers took about twice as long to react as they did when they weren’t texting,” Christine Yager, who headed the study, told Reuters. “Eye contact to the roadway also decreased, no matter which texting method was used.”


via STUDY: Voice-To-Text Is Just As Dangerous As Regular Texting While Driving – Business Insider.







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