NYC: Muslim Doesn’t Get Friday Prayer Time so Sues Transit Authority

Creeping Sharia

Alleging Religious Harassment via Gothamist.

A former bus cleaner is suing the NYCTA for “persistent harassment due to his Muslim beliefs” and denying him “reasonable workplace accommodation of his religious observances,” according to a statement from DRUM, an advocacy group based in Queens.

According to the complaint, Bangladesh-born Sheikh Ahmed worked as a cleaner with NYCTA’s Department of Buses with a clean record for more than 10 years. Trouble apparently began, however, when Ahmed transferred to Brooklyn’s East New York Depot in 2009, where he claimed to be subjected to various forms of mistreatment for observing his daily prayer requirements, as well as denied leave to observe Jumah, which stipulates attendance of Friday afternoon service at an Islamic mosque.

The complaint provides several examples of Ahmed’s alleged mistreatment. In July of 2010, Ahmed claims his supervisor, David Forrest, “forced Ahmed to work in the pouring rain, when a more…

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