Creeping Sharia

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State Cscope Director Wade Laby and Texas Education Service Center Directors will continue to LIE and tell legislators, parents and communities that Cscope is not Pro Islamic but the mounting evidence proves otherwise. Below is a History Cscope Assessment question testing students on Sharia Law. SERIOUSLY!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

Cscope aligns with the TEKS? Where in the Texas Teks is Sharia Law listed? It isn’t! If you have questions as to why Cscope is testing your child or grandchildren on Islamic Sharia Law email the State Cscope Director Wade Labay at and ask him why?


The first option above should read “requiring a tax on non-Muslims to live safely in Muslim countries” – it’s called the poll tax or jizya.

I have research Cscope for over a year. My first findings was this Islamic Powerpoint

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