Kicking Off the Homeschool Year

Just because your kids are being schooled at home, doesn’t mean that the first day of school can’t be fun and memorable.  In my orientation meetings that I do for new homeschoolers, I try to provide these moms with some ideas on how to make their school fun and exciting but manageable.

I found one mom’s account online of how they start school every year.  First, they start on the Friday before Labor Day and they have a back to school carnival!  Part of the day is spent looking at their new books and doing very little school work.  The rest of the day is fun and games–literally.

Then, Mom has the three-day weekend to make any adjustments and buy any supplies she forgot to get.  Since Monday is a holiday, they only have four days of school for their first week.  Homeschoolers soon find out that getting “back into the groove” is not as easy as we’d like it to be.

This mom tells how her family starts their school year every year.  They call it “Orientation Day.”

When our family began our homeschooling journey back in the Dark Ages that were the 90s, I
looked for ways to create “markers” in the lives of my children. They were never going to need
a brand new outfit to impress their friends on the first day, nor a new backpack, lunchbox, or a
host of other special things. But what they did need – and what I needed – were tangible markers
to say, “This is our journey. We dedicate it to the Lord, and we celebrate it together.”

With that in mind, my husband and I established a pattern for our first day of school, which by
the Lord’s grace hasn’t been broken in – gulp – 15 years. Here’s a look at how we make our very
first day of school special:

Orientation Day | Home Educating Family Association Blog.


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