Rescue Your Children from Government Schools

I listened today to Barbara Simpson on KSFO interview Randy Thomasson regarding SB 48 which Governor Jerry Brown signed into law in California.  In case you missed it:

On Thursday, July 14, Democrat Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 48. That means children as young as kindergarten in California K-12 government schools will be forced to admire “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans” as their personal role models. That’s because SB 48 mandates that the unnatural and unhealthy lifestyles of both historical and contemporary persons who engaged or currently engage in homosexuality, bisexuality, or transsexuality be positive portrayed to impressionable children through “instruction in social sciences.” It’s the most in-your-face sexual brainwashing yet. And there’s no parental opt-out.

What is Randy’s solution?  Homeschool your children!  That’s right, Randy is calling for Californian’s to remove their children from government schools.  His first recommendation for parents is to homeschool their children, which he says you can easily do for $20-$40 a month.  Randy’s second choice is to send your children to a “church school.”

Randy made some very important points that applies to all parents now matter what state or country they live in:

  • “If you can read the tv guide, you can homeschool.”
  • You don’t have to do the teaching, the curriculum will do it for you.
  • The government school you went to no longer exists.  “The inside is rotten, it is imploding, it is dysfunctional.”
  • “Your children are depending on you to get them the best.  You can, you ought to do it.”

If you think that living outside of California protects you, you’re wrong.  Here is actual footage of what was being taught in Massachusetts and New York a decade ago.


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