McCain and Obama on Education

John McCain on education:

We need more choice and competition in K through 12.

Obama on education/bigger government:

We have to have a universal program of early childhood education not just pre k but also starting with parents who are at risk so that when that child is born, we’re working with the parents to give them the tools that they need to prepare their children.  These are America’s children.

. . . that’s going to require that we pay teachers more.

Young people have to be able to afford to go to college . . .

. . . put more money into grants . . .

. . . set up a loan forgiveness program so that if someone wants to be a teacher or a police officer or a nurse that each year that they perform those services they are knocking off some of that college debt.  That is how over long term we’re going to be able to develop an entire society that has benefited from the same sort of educational opportunities that I’ve been able to take advantage of.


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