At Home All Day

Here’s a post for anyone that has worked from home.  I did it for several years and heard many times, "Why can’t you do it?  You’re at home all day."

There are a lot of advantages to working at home.  You can work in your pj’s, you don’t have to worry about how you look, there’s no commute time, you aren’t constantly being interrupted, you don’t have to deal with the office politics,  and more.

There are also disadvantages to working at home.  First of all, you have to designate an area of your home as your work area.  While working, you have to be disciplined enough to stay on track and not think about that mound of dirty laundry piled up next to the washing machine or that stack of dirty dishes in the sink.

One of the misconceptions of working at home is the thought that since you’re at home, you’re not really working.  This is also true for all of the housewives out there that stay at home, the stay at home moms, and homeschooling moms.  These people are at home working hard with little or no recognition.  It’s funny how we act as if what these people do is worth very little monetarily.  Have you tried to hire someone to cook and clean for you lately?  How about a tutor?  How many times have you heard of an elderly person or someone that’s ill wanting to hire someone to come in and do the household chores, but it’s "too expensive?"  Hmmmmmm.  Being at home all day is worth more than most people want to admit.


Oh No She Didn’t! A Small Rant For People Who Don’t Get It | Freelance Writing Jobs


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