Competition, Choice Good for Education

Finally, someone who gets it.  Almost.


a child’s education is often determined by chance, not choice.


I have to disagree here.   The child doesn’t get to choose, but the parents do.  Even when it comes to public schools, the parents decide what city/school district to live in.  I’m sure we all know someone that has moved so their kids could be in a "better" school district.

The panacea to public education’s deficiencies typically has been and remains more money. The Census Bureau reports that spending per pupil increased from $6,000 in 1996 to over $9,000 in 2005 . . .

All it takes is one homeschooler to disprove the "we need more money" theory.  Oh, what I’d do with $6,000 per pupil!

Education dollars must be attached to students so their parents can use those funds as they see fit . . .

Our education system as we know it needs to totally be scrapped. 

Choices about a child’s education should be the right and responsibility of parents.

It should be, and it is.  Unfortunately, human nature is to take the easy way out and then complain about it.


Republicans believe competition, choice are good for education |


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