Government Schools to Give Hunting Education Classes

Hunting is on the decline across America. States are trying various gimmicks such as lowering the age requirement for hunters or issuing apprentice hunting licenses to try to attract new, young people to the “sport.” I said “sport” because I never thought of it as a sport, but as a way of life. It was more like a tradition. Something that came around at about the same time every year, something done for fun, the possibility of a trophy, and a way to add variety to the dinner table.

The decline in hunting has its consequences:

Hunting is the largest factor in controlling the deer population, and without enough hunters, the deer population can grow and has contributed to an increase in road accidents, said Steve Brown, the state’s fish and wildlife planner. West Virginia has the highest rate of vehicular accidents caused by deer, according to State Farm Insurance. In 2006, the state Division of Highways reported 15,918 deer were killed in motor vehicle collisions.

(There’s no mention of how many people may have been killed or injured.)

“What’s the solution?” you may ask. You won’t believe it:

In West Virginia, state lawmakers gave final approval on Friday to a bill that allows hunting education classes in all schools where at least 20 students express interest. The goal is to reverse a 20 percent drop in hunting permits purchased over the last decade, which has caused a loss of more than $1.5 million in state revenue over that period. At least six other states are considering similar legislation.

That’s right! The very place where guns are banned, the very institution that is suspending students for as much as drawing a picture of a gun is going to hold hunting education classes. I kid you not. I’m sure this is enough to drive the libs and gun control advocates out of their minds. Well, there’s always homeschooling.


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