Your Right to Homeschool

“No parents have ever prevailed in any reported case on a theory that they have an absolute constitutional right to educate their children in the home, completely free of any state supervision, regulation, or requirements,” the ruling stated. “They do not have an ‘absolute constitutional right to home school.’”

All homeschool parents should know and understand this statement.  Our government believes that you do not have a constitutional right to homeschool free of government regulation.  The government will always have their fingers in homeschooling.  It is important for the citizens to follow  their state laws for homeschooling and stand up to the government when needed so that the laws don’t become more restrictive, or even worse, for homeschooling to be outlawed.

If you read the article this quote comes from, it is about a family who removed their children from government school and then let the children do as they pleased all day every day because they believed they were about to be raptured.  It really irks me that the parents and the author of the article calls this homeschooling.  This is NOT homeschooling.  This is educational neglect.  Yet, those that oppose homeschooling are quick to use examples like this as reasons why homeschooling should be more heavily regulated.

Homeschooling has a plan and a direction.  Homeschooling requires planning, effort, and then the actual doing on everyone’s part.  Letting your kids sit in a garage strumming their guitars all day just to keep them out of your hair is not homeschooling.  Homeschooling requires parental involvement of some sort.  There clearly was not any here.

Let’s call it what it is.  These children were not being educated, period.  Their parents pulled them out of government school because they thought they were about to leave this earth.  They believed there was no reason for their children to continue to be educated in any way.  To keep their friends and relatives in the dark and from reporting them, the parents claimed they were homeschooling.  The government doesn’t want to admit that they had no clue that these kids weren’t being educated, so they kept the lie going and also called it homeschooling.  Better to make homeschoolers in general look bad than for the blame to go directly and solely where it should–the parents.


What Does “Natural” Really Mean?

Last week I was in my local Sam’s store when I came across a couple of young ladies giving out samples. Actually, they saw me and asked me to come over and try their wares. Their wares were mini frozen pizzas of different flavors that you could heat up for just a few minutes in the oven or just a few seconds in the microwave oven. These were being pushed as an “all natural,” healthy snack to feed your family.

When I heard the words “all natural” I almost burst out laughing. I can think of all kinds of “all natural” things that aren’t necessarily good for me and that I don’t want to put in my mouth.

The truth is that the FDA has not come up with a definition of the word “natural.” When it comes to our food, manufacturers can put “natural” on their box, and it can mean just about anything.  Don’t be fooled.




My Apple Store Experience

I paid a visit to a local Apple Store last week.  It was the first time I had been to an Apple Store.  The whole experienced knocked me off my feet.

When I went inside, there was someone there to greet me.  I just said hello and went over to look at the MacBook Pros.  (I’d been dreaming of buying one for quite some time.)  I had looked at ordering one online, but then decided I wasn’t sure what size I wanted.  That is what prompted my visit.  I decided that a visual comparison was in order.

I immediately noticed that the store was packed.  Not only with customers, but employees.  There was about a 1:1 ratio of employees to customers.  You certainly don’t see that in any other retail store.  Everything in the store looked bright and shiny.  There were rows and rows of Apple products ready for you to put your fingers on–literally.

After doing a little browsing I walked up to the genius bar and asked for someone to assist me.  Within less than a minute, I had someone by my side.  I don’t know how they select who is going to help you, but it was a perfect match.  I know Apple sometimes has special events at their store, so I asked if there was a special event going on or if the store was always like that.  I was told that this was business as usual.  Wow!

The person that helped me was friendly, patient, and answered all of my questions.  He never acted like he was in a hurry or that I was a bother.  If I asked a question he didn’t know the answer to, he quickly got the answer from another employee.  What really astonished me was that he never, and I mean never, asked me if I wanted to buy something–not even a hint or insinuation.

Finally, I did decide to buy the computer I’ve been dreaming of!  I figured I could either take one home right then, or I could go home and order one and wait.  He pulled out his handheld device that looked like a phone, and I purchased it right there on the spot.  There was no problem with the educator discount.  All I had to do was show my homeschool membership card, and it was accepted.  As soon as we started the transaction, another employee brought the computer out to us. Once we were finished with the purchase, he asked me if I would like help setting the computer up.  I didn’t see any reason to say no, so we took it out of the box right there and went through the setup process.  It took about 15 minutes.

Apple has certainly figured out what customer service is all about.  With their quality products and excellent customer service it is not a surprise that Apple is doing such a bustling business.